May 2, 2013

Gold Flamingo DIY

The past weeks have been a crazy blur of trips to the city, concerts, work, and spending time with family. It's been hard trying to find the time to do much of anything. It's been a lot of fun though, so I'm really not complaining.
Today, right now, is the first "official" post here on W&S!! Yay!! I'm so excited.
My younger sister and I have been talking about how if you spray paint anything gold it immediately turns it into something fantastic. It's true. You add gold spray paint to anything and it looks like a million bucks.
So for today's DIY I made Gold and Rose Gold Yard Flamingos. It was so fun and I think they look really great in the yard!

Make sure when you buy your spray paint that it's plastic safe! Just ask someone in the paint department which paint would be the best for your project. 

I added diamonds for their eyes to add a little extra bling. I just used a hot glue gun to stick them on. Sooo easy! 

I just loved how they turned out. Once spring actually arrives, I'll be able to garden and add some colour to the yard. For now, gold Flamingos will have to do.
I hope you enjoyed the first official post!

Enjoy the Day

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